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The Tool That Helps You Make Money With NFTs

Access our all-in-one NFT Tool. Including advanced collection analytics, daily email updates, and smart money wallet tracker.


People trade NFTs every month.


Wallets traded NFTs in 2021.


Was spent on NFTs in just the last year.

NFTs are soaring in value. But this market moves a mile a minute and it’s easy to get left behind. There are always new mints, new trending collections, and undervalued NFTs being listed.

But there is an answer. Say hello to NFT Wingman.

What is NFT Wingman?

Advanced NFT Statistics

Get the vital analytics that Opensea doesn't tell you so you can better time your investments.

Market Dashboard

Discover what's minted, floor price changes, and how the entire market is performing with easy-to-understand tables and charts. 

Smart Money Tracking

Keep tabs on the smart money in real-time rather than waiting for their next video to drop.

Daily Email Updates

What's minting, the most popular NFT in the past 24 hours and which NFT collections are trending right now straight to your inbox.

NFT Listing Analysis

Buying off the floor isn't always the best strategy.

Our custom wingman formula ranks each available NFT so you can pick up undervalued NFTs.

Profit Calculations

We crunch all the blockchain transactions for you. Letting you understand your profit in both crypto and USD

Minting Calendar

Easily filter and find the latest collections which are minting across the Ethereum and Solana blockchains. 

NFT Research

Discover the hottest upcoming collections.

Without spending countless hours digging through NFT sites, Discord, and Twitter. 

Crypto Twitter 🐥

Access our hand-picked list of crypto and NFT influencers to better understand the latest events around the cryptoverse.

Rarity Tool ⚙️

Use our rarity and ranking tool to find out what sits on top and find the rarest NFTs in each collection. 


Lifetime Access (Fiat)

$249 /once

NFT Market Dashboard & Daily Updates
Undervalued NFT Tool
Profit Analytics
Wallet Tracker
30-day money back guarentee

Founder Pass NFT

0.2 ETH

NFT Market Dashboard & Daily Updates
Undervalued NFT Tool
Profit Analytics
Wallet Tracker
Plus Much More!

The Tools You Need to Outsmart the Competition

Understand the entire NFT market at our glance with easy-to-understand charts and graphs. 

We crunch all your wallet transactions. Calculating your profit in ETH and USD.

Get vital analytics about each collection to understand where it's been and where it's going.

We rank each NFT with our secret formula so you can snipe undervalued NFTs effortlessly.

Follow smart money in real-time with wallet notifications for your favorite influencers.

Stop missing out. Discover all the upcoming mints in one place. 

Daily updates on what's minting and what's trending straight to your inbox.

Keep on top of your upcoming mints with your own personal NFT tracker and calendar. 

Wingman Founders Pass Roadmap

Lifetime access to NFT Wingman for all founder pass holders. The product is already built and continuously updated.

All holders will have a say in the features that are built.

Alpha NFT Traders are hired to provide a high level of alpha to holders.

Knowledgeable instructors are hired to create courses around De-fi, technical analysis, and NFT flipping. Additional team members are hired.

A team is hired to find and partner with NFT projects to provide whitelist spots for holders. 


What is the total supply?


What is the mint price?

0.1 ETH. Guaranteed for the first 500 mints.

What is the marketplace link?

Access it on looksrare here

What is the contract address?


How do I mint?

Minting can be done on this page:

When can I access the community?

Once you have created your account in NFT Wingman your account will be automatically created. 

When will I get access to the NFT Wingman tool?

Access will be granted immedatley. You simply have to create your account.

What People are Saying...

“I used to be cool sniping off the floor. But then I realized most owners are selling their highly ranked NFTs for way under their worth. Now I can easily identify them and make sure I pick them up quickly.”

"I wasn't really sure with this app because I had never heard of it before. But I like it so far.

“Now I just check my daily email to understand what's going on in the NFT space.”

"Everytime I purchased an NFT it almost seemed like the floor dropped the day after. I thought I was a good collector but I've started to make much better decisions with this app."

"I’m surprised how big a difference it was to see how many NFTs were listed at certain ranges. I managed to catch the pump before as it touched 1 ETH right before it dipped down again."

"Turns out I wasn’t really making that much money with NFTs. I guess gas and royalties were more than I expected. Doesn’t feel great but at least I know now. "

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